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Our Rochester Team

Cooley in Rochester serves local clients with superior products, exceptional service, and affordable pricing. We provide printing including specialty printing, promotional products, branded apparel and more. We work closely with our Rochester area clients to provide solutions and help build their brand. Contact us today. Find out what we can do for you and your company.


806 Linden Avenue, Suite 500
Rochester, NY 14625
Toll Free 800.475.4760
Office 585.385.1880
Fax 585.383.8417

Rochester Office SALES TEAM

  • Stuart Boyar


  • Laura Appleby

    Customer Brand Support

  • Christine Boyce

    Customer Brand Support

  • Lauri Carney


  • Kathy Courtney

    Customer Brand Support

  • Kim Fravel

    Brand Consultant

  • David Kolko

    Brand Consultant

  • Christopher Martins

    Brand Consultant

  • Amy Peek

    Customer Brand Support

  • Andrea Pulcini


  • Tom Riedman

    Brand Consultant

  • Robin Soregi

    Customer Brand Support

  • Lisa Stramonine

    Support Manager

  • Brian Sturm

    Brand Consultant

  • Beth Timmerman

    Brand Consultant

  • Andy Wiener

    Brand Consultant

  • Barbara Zenkel

    Office Manager

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