Branding Rationale

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The Cooley brand icon has been created using a
stylized "C".


A subliminal lowercase "g" is created within the negative space and placed into a dimensional electric green circle shape.


The custom letterforms for "Cooley" imply synergy with the two letter o’s forming an infinity symbol. In combination with the rest of the name, it projects confidence and capability.


The infinity symbol symbolizes continual synergy between all parts. This projects that Cooley is a "team" not a cluster of "individuals." We are unified as a brand of "one" not "many". Therefore we are stronger together then apart.


The tagline “brand new” projects Cooley as an innovative, positive, moving forward leader in enhancing your clients’ brand and image. Whether it is an established brand that needs a fresh idea, or a client that needs to project a whole new image.