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CASE STUDY: Bank Billing

  1. Challenge:
    Reduce lead time for mailing monthly and quarterly statements.
  2. Approach:
    Use digital print capabilities to automate process.
  3. Recommendations:
    Outsource the printing, folding, mailing, and inserting of monthly statements.
  4. Results:
    Reduced the inā€house time for mailings from 6 to 2 days.


The institution was printing statements, manually folding and inserting them into envelopes, then driving them to the post office to mail. This process took as long as 6 days, and many man hours.

We suggested that they simply email the file to our facility, and we would do the rest.

Now, the time to mail has been cut by 66% and the hours spent by staff have been redirected in a more efficient manner.

We have also partnered with their advertising group to print and insert flyers into the statements.

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