Make your marketing interactive. Making your message even more effective and stand above your competition.

Today there are several innovations in marketing technologies that make your campaigns “come alive.” They increase the level of engagement with your audience. Think “visual.” Think “action.” Think “wow!”

Then consider these three technologies:

1. Augmented Reality. AR technology lets your printed imagery spring to life. The AR code is embedded in your printed material during production and is activated by a smartphone app. When the app scans the printed image, the user has instant access to deeper, more enriching content. It could be a video tutorial, detailed product information, or access to web pages not available elsewhere. This content is viewed on the user’s smartphone.

Applications are endless – imagine using AR in labels, magazine ads, restaurant menus, event programs, signage, or product brochures to enhance your message and deliver compelling content. Think of Augmented Reality as a unique way to bring print to life.

2. Virtual Reality. This technology is not just for gamers (or Hollywood blockbusters) anymore. We’ve helped clients develop affordable virtual reality campaigns to showcase their products. Much like AR technology, virtual reality involves apps (“3D apps”) that are downloadable for smartphones. Virtual reality headsets are delivered with your marketing campaign and allow recipients to experience 360 degree viewing.

3. The Power of Video. Visual usage – a combination of video plus images – is on the rise as a communications platform, and video in particular continues to grow. The sharing of videos and photos as a means of storytelling is also on the rise. Consumers, advertisers, and creators are all turning to video.

Video broadens your reach, so why not use it for your marketing? You can post videos online or embed them in your printed materials. And creating videos is very affordable these days.

Think of the ways you can use video: promote your company by posting them on your site, produce videos for your customers, or create how-to videos that explain a product or service. Short videos (a minute or so, tops) can powerfully convey your message in ways that print cannot. They help humanize your company and create personal connections.

A second option would be to create a short video and embed it in your marketing materials. We work with a revolutionary technology that incorporates a video with your printed communication. Different screen sizes are available, and you can include up to 15 minutes of video content. And another technology we offer uses a smartphone app to launch live video images on each page of a calendar that you produce as a marketing tool.

Any one of these technologies will put your marketing campaign in a different league from your competition. If you’re ready to take your materials to the next level, contact your Cooley brand consultant to develop an action plan. We’d love to help you create unique marketing materials that are, in many ways, out of this world.

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