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Heather Wightman

Heather Wightman

Brand Consultant, Syracuse, NY

Name: Heather Wightman

Title: Brand Consultant

Job Description: Helping clients bring their brand to life with creative and innovative ideas and solutions.

Favorite Part About Working for Cooley: I love the people that I work with and that we are able to collaborate with each other.

Favorite Client Project: Most of what we do is fun, it’s hard to choose just one! I worked on a rather large mailing a little over a year ago and with it we did some sun catchers and they came out beautiful. In the end, it was a pretty amazing piece.

Favorite Hobbies: My dogs; spending time with my daughter, love camping and baking.

Cooley Compliments—while the most important part of our process will always be the relationships we build with our clients and the work we do to showcase their brands, we love hearing from our fans:

“Heather Wightman is always willing to make my ideas come to fruition. Even when they are not fully developed, she guides me through the process with patience and expertise.”

 –Robert E., Marketing Manager

 Phone: 315.245.8814
 Address: 6320 Fly Road, Suite 107, East Syracuse, NY 13057