Laura Flatley

Laura Flatley

Senior Brand Support, Rochester, New York

Name: Laura Flatley

Title: Senior Brand Support

Job Description: On a day to day basis I may be entering orders, obtaining quotes, coming up with suggestions for our customers’ needs, accounts receivable or general customer service.  I love that every day is different and there is always something new to learn.

High School Attended: Starpoint Central High School, Pendleton, NY

College Attended: State University of New York College at Buffalo

Current Hometown: Churchville, NY

Family Details: One son, age 17

Favorite Part About Working for Cooley: Being part of an employee-owned business and really part of an extended family.

Favorite Cooley Story: When we attended a team building event at Beaver Hollow I climbed the rock wall in a skirt.  It was a long skirt and I was completely covered at all times! I was not sure I could do it and clearly, it may not have been the best outfit for the event but with my Cooley family cheering me on I made a great showing and made it almost all the way to the bell! I even beat a few of the guys! That is what teamwork is all about and the encouragement makes all the difference.

Your Proudest Professional Moment: Being recognized as an integral part of a team within Cooley and being respected by Tom Riedman and Chris Martins for my input and contributions to the workplace.

Your Proudest Personal Moment: As a single mother I have raised an outstanding individual who is currently navigating the college admissions process to obtain a masters in computer science.  He is well rounded, kind and considerate.

Favorite Hobbies: Reading, Spending time with family, hiking, and camping.

Top TV Shows: This is Us, Survivor, Stranger Things and Chopped

Top Movies: Dodgeball, Tommy Boy, and The Princess Bride

Top Music Acts: Bruce Springsteen, George Strait, and U2

Top Travel Destinations: No favorite places but we are definitely a road trip family!

Top Sports Teams: Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills, what can I say I am a diehard Buffalo girl!

Top Brands: I am not so attached to brand names, I’m about saving money!

Fun Fact(s) About Yourself: I am the youngest of seven children and I am always looking to try something new!


Phone:(585) 596-8869
Address: 1000 Pittsford Victor Road, 2nd Floor Rochester, NY 14625