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Mauricio Guerrero-Nieto

Mauricio Guerrero-Nieto

Name: Mauricio Guerrero Nieto
Title: Brand Support
Job Description: Ensuring a smooth client experience from idea to delivery.
Proudest Professional Moment: Seeing the results of a project I worked on out in the community. It showed me how important every project is.
Favorite Part About Working for Cooley Group: Having the support of my fellow Cooley’s and their centuries of combined industry experience has helped me feel like I can take on any challenge.
Favorite Client Project: Re-branding event apparel, employee gifts, and giveaways for a launch event. We started the project at the early stages of the new branding guidelines being authored. The project changed so much while it was in progress and we faced many challenges. The deadline was close; supply chain and logistical challenges threatened the project many times. In the end it was very rewarding to be a part of a new chapter for one of our partners.

Favorite Hobbies: Go-kart racing, kayaking, hiking, climbing, ceramics and painting, tinkering, making “oddities and contraptions”
Fun Fact: I have a good few flight hours and was once training to be a pilot.