Russ Martinson

Russ Martinson

Brand Consultant, Hudson Valley, New York

Name: Russ Martinson

Title: Brand Consultant

Job Description: Helping clients deliver the right message to their audience while getting the most out of their marketing and workflow budgets

Military Service: US Coast Guard – 4 Years – Attained Rank of E-5

Current Hometown: Hudson Valley, NY

Family Details: A lovely and witty wife, two daughters I’m very proud of, a scaredy cat and a crazy dog

Favorite Part About Working for Cooley: Freedom to run the type of business I want for an employee-owned company where everyone is engaged toward the greater good for our clients

Favorite Cooley Story: How Cooley’s founder, “Scoop” Cooley, cared so much about others and their success that he gave the company to his employees

Proudest Professional Moment: Developing professional ordering websites to save clients time and money

Proudest Personal Moment: Raising my two daughters to be assets in the communities in which they live

Favorite Web Sites: Anything to do with Skiing, YouTube for instruction &, for, the weather

Favorite Activities: Helping Others, Skiing, Clock Repair, Hiking, Biking, Craft Beer and anything to do with the great outdoors

Favorite TV Shows: I don’t watch much TV, but always find time for local & national news and American Ninja Warrior

Favorite Movies: The Gladiator, Walking Tall (with The Rock), Triple X, 300

Favorite Music Acts: Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Aerosmith, Yes, Frank Zappa

Favorite Travel Destinations: The great outdoors of Vermont, Utah, Costa Rica, Alaska and the Delmarva Peninsula

Favorite Sports Teams: US Ski Team, NY Yankees, NY Giants and Syracuse Basketball

Favorite Brands: Cooley Group, Lange Ski Boots, Dynastar Skis, Rushing Duck Brewery and Seth Thomas Mechanical Clocks

Fun Fact: I’m a part-time ski Instructor on weekends which allows me to help people enjoy the thing in life I love the most (other than my wife)


Phone: (845) 208-8646
Address: 8 Wagner Dr., Rock Tavern, NY 12575-5205