The hottest trend in Social Media offerings is Mobile Marketing. This option allows you to cultivate your customer’s mobile phone numbers and use that method to send targeted information, specials, coupon codes, etc. to that segment of your customer base via text messages.

Used as one component of a comprehensive brand solution, it can complement your print and promotional marketing efforts. The biggest advantage? Customers MUST “opt-in” to receive your messages (unlike email blasts). We can help you use that to your advantage. By partnering with us, we can provide you with an integrated platform so you can start capitalizing on this trend.

Another advantage? Our Mobile Marketing Platform is actually “cross-platform”. This means that we can set your account up so that one text message sent gets posted simultaneously to your Facebook page, your Twitter account, and your LinkedIn accounts (to name a few). That’s a powerful, integrated, marketing message.

Toss in “traditional” formats like variable data print and pURLS, and you can tailor your message to fit every segment of your customer base.

These are some powerful branding tools…brought to you by the top Brand Consultants in the industry….Cooley Group. Call your Brand Consultant today for more information!