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About Us

Cooley is brand new. But that doesn't mean we were born yesterday. Founder Clarence "Scoop" Cooley started the company in 1945. Scoop began his career (and earned his nickname) working for George Eastman's Kodak Newspaper as a young reporter in the early '20s. Eventually he joined the business forms company Gilman Fanfold Corporation where he became manager of the Rochester office and one of the leading salespeople for the entire firm. In 1945 Gilman Fanfold Corporation was merged with their parent company and Scoop created the Cooley Company, a pioneer firm in the independent business forms distribution industry. And the rest is history!

Today Cooley has evolved into a diverse and dynamic modern company without sacrificing the independent vision imbued by our founding father.

We are a team of brand consultants.

We are trusted advisors.

We provide premier services that define and enhance our client's brand and image.

Our services include printing, promotional products and specialty printing.

We are Cooley.

Our DNA is brand new and our passion is your success.

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