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Printing FAQs

Yes, Cooley offers customized electronic catalogs for all our customers’ printed products, similar to business card programs.

Ask your Brand Consultant how easy this can be.

We offer several types of recycled paper stocks.

Yes, Cooley provides volume pricing and can make purchasing recommendations that will help your organization save time and money.

At Cooley we offer printing solutions for any size business regardless of quantity, simplicity, or complexity.

Promotional Products FAQs

We do everything possible to prevent mistakes on orders. We Guarantee that we will ship your order exactly as you approved on your Order Confirmation and Art Spec Proof and that it will arrive on-time and error-free. In the event that your order is incorrect, we will replace the goods and do whatever is necessary to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase and your experience. Cooley has a 65+ year impeccable reputation for service & quality and take customer satisfaction very seriously. Keep in mind that we will be happy to send you a sample and encourage you to take advantage of this offer whenever possible.

They promote image and brand awareness. They can also be a valuable tool for introducing or reinforcing the marketing of products and services. Promotional Products are great for generating sales leads, for example at trade shows or corporate events.

Promotional products give you the most BANG for your buck when it comes to your advertising needs. Getting your information in the hands of potential customers is what it’s all about, and nothing does the job better than promotional products. Studies have shown that promotional products outlast most any type of advertising, such as classified ads, radio commercials and TV spots, and have the ability of staying visible to your customers for years to come. Best of all, there are 1000’s of unique promotional products to choose from, and price ranges to meet any financial plan. Whether your budget is $10 or $10,000, Cooley has a vast array of products for you to choose from to fit your needs.

  • Flexible: promotional products can be used in all situations, from a corporate uniform to business gifts, or even merchandise.
  • Tangible and long-lasting: promotional products have the benefit of being a long-lasting form of marketing. They are not limited to the life of a magazine or newspaper.
  • Impact and effectiveness can be easily measured: the success of using promotional products in your marketing campaigns is easily measured, with obvious results every time.
  • Higher perceived value: promotional products have a higher perceived value, so when your clients/potential clients receive a promotional product they feel important to your company or organization.
  • Complements targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Complements other advertising methods.

Our manufacturers and suppliers are mainly North American-based reputable companies that have undergone numerous quality checks and service audits. We only work with the biggest, best, and most established suppliers in the marketplace, and this translates into peace of mind for you. Narrowing down our supplier base also enables us to pass on tremendous savings to you due to our purchasing power.

Imprint options are the various methods in which your product can be branded with your logo. Below are a few of the most popular…

  • Screen-print
    Screen-printing involves pressing ink through a fine mesh screen and onto the surface of a product.
  • Deboss
    Also referred to as blind deboss, this classic method leaves an impression – or rather, a depression – of the logo onto a material’s surface.
  • Emboss
    Embossing is a technique which creates a pattern on the material that is raised or in relief
  • Dome 
    An Epoxy Dome is made of a clear soft flexible see-through material which is “domed” over the top of the pressure sensitive decal material.
  • Embroidery
    Stitching a design into fabric through the use of high-speed computer-controlled sewing machines.
  • Foil Stamping
    Foil stamping uses controlled heat, pressure, and precision timing to apply colored or metallic foil resins to decorate surfaces of varied shapes and materials.
  • Laser Engraving
    This technique uses lasers to engrave or mark an object. It can be technical and complex, and often a computer system is used to drive the movements of the laser head.
  • Heat Transfer
    Heat transfers are applied by heat transfer printing. This dry decorating method uses controlled heat, dwell, and pressure to thermally bond the graphic onto the surface, achieving high quality and durability.
  • Pad Print
    Pad printing utilizes a flexible silicone rubber transfer pad that picks up a film of ink from a photo-etched printing plate and transfers it to a three-dimensional part surface.
  • Color Stamp
    Simple one-color designs are enhanced when a die is used to apply colored foil to a material’s surface.
  • Color Fill
    Color fill combines color stamping and debossing. A die is created to first color stamp the logo onto the surface, and then that same die is used to deboss the logo into the material.
  • Digitizing
    Before a logo can be embroidered, it must first be digitized. It is a technical term used to describe the process involved in programming the embroidery machine to stitch the logo accurately.
  • 4 Color Process
    A process where 4 different color values (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) (CMYK) come together to create a color image. These 4 colors can be combined to create thousands of colors.

It’s not a good idea to choose your imprinted promotional product simply by price. Instead, you should choose an item that matches your business and your client’s business and goals.  Choose promotional items that your clients use daily and, when they do, they see your business name and what you do. Think about what your clients need, and meet their needs with your imprinted promotional product.

Cooley has access to thousands of products! Our site is merely a sample of what we have to offer. If you’re looking for something specific, looking to find items to fit your theme, or just don’t see quite what you’re looking for on our site, give us a call and we’ll be glad to offer suggestions.

Custom imprinting your logo on an item requires printing plates, film, and setting up the engraving laser or embroidery tape charges (just to name a few). These costs are independent of the actual costs of imprinting. Although these are one-time costs, for certain items there are re-set charges which will also be noted separately.

Once we receive your order, artwork, and our art department has set up your proof, you will receive an e-mail or fax containing your Virtual Art Proof. You must approve your order and artwork to begin production. If we have any questions or need any other information from you, we will contact you immediately. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We will keep you informed as to your order status throughout the ordering process.

Specialty Printing FAQs

Cooley will work with you to completely understand the project components. We will then work to establish the best suppliers of the components based on capabilities, pricing, and logistics. Cooley will coordinate the entire project to fulfill your requirements.

There are many different substrates used in the manufacture of folding cartons. As a rule, thickness of the material varies from .010 to .028 and the materials can be made of recycled materials with different fiber content. The thickness used depends on the weight of the product being packaged. These materials are usually identified as chipboard, kraft, white clay coated news, and white clay coated kraft. These are great to use especially when a “green” material is requested. There are other materials, such as solid bleached sulfate, that contains no recycled content. This may be used when a better print surface is required. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging are good examples of packaging that utilizes this material. The Cooley design team will work directly with the customer to establish the required materials.

There are many different printing methods that are used in paperboard packaging. Most options are driven by the required detail in the artwork along with quantity being purchased. Folding cartons primarily utilize offset printing, with the use of process colors to achieve photographic results. Presses can print several colors in one pass and many print two sides at the same time. Corrugated packaging uses flexo print, litho label, direct print top sheets, and combinations of each to achieve the required result. It is important to have a good idea of the art being used when any job is being priced for accurate information. Cooley will offer optional ideas to enhance the graphics, such as leaf stamping, embossing, film lamination, and special coatings.

After proofs are approved, the normal lead time for most packaging projects is approximately two weeks. Tooling is created once approvals are received so it is very important to review proofs thoroughly. While the proofs are being approved, other processes are moving forward, including purchase of raw materials and scheduling.

Suppliers of packaging will want to know how the items will be released when the quotation is being assembled. Corrugated suppliers usually will run the boxes as needed, which means there may be multiple manufacturing runs within one job. This is due to the fact that corrugated boxes usually take up a large amount of room and warehousing is at a premium. On the other hand, folding cartons suppliers will run up to six months supply and warehouse as the customer requires. Again, the better the information is up front, the more accurate the pricing will be.

First of all, with the advent of digital printing, no quantity is too small. However, specialty printing and packaging pricing is driven by quantity. Better pricing is available when the make readies on machines being used can be amortized over quantity. Your Cooley representative can work with you to determine the best quantity to purchase at a time, allowing for better pricing with the ability to make any necessary changes down the road.

Tooling charges may have a major impact on pricing depending on the printing method being used and the quantity being ordered. For example, flexo plates, primarily used in corrugated, can be very expensive but are used on large runs, thus limiting the impact on the box price. The Cooley team will be sure to include the tooling costs in any quotation so the customer is aware of all costs.

Cooley works with their customers to determine the best solutions to specialty print and packaging needs. We have relationships with many of the finest suppliers in the field.  We will analyze the requirements at the very beginning to offer cost effective alternatives where applicable.

Cooley has relationships with suppliers across the country. We will ask up front where the packaging will be delivered and arrive at the best supplier to use to take advantage, wherever possible, of economical shipping charges. Obviously, smaller releases will incur additional shipping charges.

Members of the Cooley team will work hand in hand to assist you as requested with press proofs. These proofs will be scheduled for your convenience through Cooley at the required suppliers.

It is actually a good idea to have samples and mockups created as part of the approval process, prior to manufacturing. It is Cooley’s desire to supply product that meets your needs, and making sure everything “checks out” prior to manufacturing is a first step to making that happen.

The initial communication with the customer is very important for Cooley in order to understand specific requirements. This includes materials to be used, processes of manufacturing required, quantities to quote, alternatives as suggestions for manufacturing options, and budget numbers that are being assessed. We work as a team with the customer to identify the best resources in moving forward.

We have relationships with suppliers that understand the requirements of machine filled packaging. As part of the approval process, the manufacture of a small unprinted “test run” prior to manufacturing would be a viable option.

Cooley has multiple suppliers of fulfillment resources. In addition, these suppliers can tailor the fulfillment to exactly meet the needs of the customer, including special packing, and drop shipments as required.

It is good to understand that the larger the item, the higher the potential is for increased costs. However, with Cooley there really are no size constraints.

The proofs supplied will depend on the processes being used. Print proofs may be supplied in two parts – one for color and one for copy. Structural samples are always supplied. Multiple proofs of each, graphics and structure, are supplied with the consideration of sign offs of each being returned to Cooley prior to manufacturing. It is a very good idea to make any necessary changes in the proofing stage.

Yes, Cooley has resources to offer translations for multiple language graphics. It is requested to know that this is needed at the start of the project so that the timing and the costs of these services can be advised.

Branded Apparel FAQs

Yes, Cooley has an extensive offering of apparel products which are made of fabrics derived from organic, sustainable, renewable and recycled fibers. Contact your Cooley Brand Consultant to learn more about Organic Cotton, Soybean Protein, Bamboo Fiber, Bamboo Charcoal Fibers and Recycled Polyester–RPET yarns.

Your Cooley Brand Consultant can help by offering (manufacturer specific) size charts that will give you a helpful guideline to ease your ordering process. Additionally, we can provide a product spec sheet.

Yes, Cooley offers the most up-to-date brand names and apparel styles in the latest fabrics and colors. Contact your Cooley Brand Consultant to order your sample today. Here are just a few of the manufacturers we work with:

Adidas, American Apparel, Antigua, Bella, Callaway, Carhartt, Champion, Columbia, Cutter & Buck, Footjoy, Izod , Nike, Ogio, and Polo.

Yes we offer a variety of choices to meet your on-line ordering program needs. Contact your Cooley Brand Consultant to set up an appointment to review the on-line options that are right for your organization.