Jackie McGowan

Jackie McGowan

Brand Consultant, Hudson Valley, New York

Title: Brand Consultant

Job Description: Discovering through investigative discussion what our clients’ real needs are and finding the best solutions for them.

Family Details: A wonderful husband, 4 super kids (2 boys 2 girls) ages 15-36, an adorable baby grandson, 3 doves and a lazy but very loyal old dog (my best buddy).

Favorite Part About Working for Cooley: Cooley’s aura of family, team spirit & collaboration to help one another reach our common goal of providing the best solutions to our customer’s needs.

Favorite Cooley Story: Commuting three hours to a company meeting in a very bad Ice/wind storm.  Finally getting there thinking the worst was over when we had to walk a block on a sheet of ice, in the dark, with luggage in tow.  First, I hit the deck (luggage flying) and then Russ was standing still yet sliding on the ice because the wind was literally blowing him away (a surreal sight). Not funny then but looking back I can’t help but laugh.

Proudest Professional Moment: Hearing from a client “We don’t know what we would do without you”.

Proudest Personal Moment: Starting my own business.

Favorite Web Sites: YouTube, NASA, Collective Evolution, DeviantArt, Etsy, Amazon, Scientific American, Space.com

Favorite Hobbies: Various Arts/Crafts, Photography, Hiking, Astronomy

Top TV Shows: Black List, Stranger Things, X Files, Homeland

Top Movies: Miracle on 34th St., Knights Tale, ET, Gangs of NY, Sound of Music, Breakfast Club

Top Music Acts: Pink Floyd, Elton John, Neil Young, The Cars, Beatles, Queen

Top Travel Destinations: Cozumel, Jersey Shore, Adirondack Mountains, Cayman Islands

Top Sports Teams: None – I’d Rather watch extreme sports.

Top Brands: Cooley, Apple, Nike, Tesla, McDonald’s, Kohl’s, Corona, Michael’s, Dick Blick

Fun Facts: My very first car was a hopped up 1976 Camaro which had been rebuilt for racing (when muscle cars were popular). Guys would pull up alongside revving and want to race. The look on their face when they realized they were challenging a girl was priceless. No, I never did race but I do miss that car!

My eldest son jumps out of perfectly good airplanes….  he does not get that from me.

For over 25 years, on St. Patrick’s Day, my family, friends & I have been going to NYC for the parade (& some pub shenanigans too). My brother marches in the parade with the A.O.H. (Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division 2 – Cornwall, NY). We go on a Leprechaun Bus (yes that is the name of the bus line). I look forward to spending this special time every year with family & friends.

Phone: (845) 208-8698
Email: jmcgowan@cooleybrand.com
Address: PO Box 4084 New Windsor, NY 12553