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Jeana Nicotera

Jeana Nicotera

Brand Consultant, Utica, New York

Name: Jeana Nicotera

Title: Brand Consultant

Job Description: Brand Professional who helps maintain and enhance my clients’ image to consistently build brand awareness.  A.K.A. miracle worker, solution provider, problem solver, professional shopper.

Favorite Part About Working for Cooley: The limitless solutions I can provide for my clients!  Knowing I am helping to make their workload lighter is very fulfilling.

Favorite Client Project: There have been many but one that stands out is an order we did for custom candles.  The objective: Source an organic candle made with soy wax and a 100% cotton wick that allows for custom scents and colors.  The candles required full-color branding in two positions. Additionally, supply upscale packaging to fit the décor of a dinner party for over 500 female CEO’s.  Each custom scent and color had to correspond to a particular brand. For example: Fresh Citrus for Tropicana; Apple Cinnamon for Quaker Oats; Lemon Lime for Mist Twist and Sweet Almond Nut for Nut Harvest.  Did I mention we had less than two weeks to pull this off and deliver the product to California? Our client, PepsiCo’s premier event planner, was thrilled with the final product as the dinner guests truly loved their gift!

Your Proudest Professional Moment: My proudest moment was on Brand Day 2010.  I was one of four co-owners who took on the task of rebranding our company.  Everything from our logo, to our website, literature, branded apparel, and every detail in between was changed.  It was 18 months of hard work, long nights, and excitement. The moment the music started and we revealed our new logo to our co-owners was an exceptionally proud moment for me.

Favorite Hobbies: Adirondack activities (hiking/kayaking/boating) golfing, cooking, traveling, live sporting events

Fun Fact: I take the time each Sunday night to make my dog his food for the week.  As my friends say, “That dog eats better than most people!” It’s true and he’s worth it!

Cooley Compliments—while the most important part of our process will always be the relationships we build with our clients and the work we do to showcase their brands, we love hearing from our fans:

“Jeana Nicotera is the best! Every time I need something she is quick to respond and always helps me stay within budget. In addition, the options she provides are always high quality and appealing to our students.  She is truly a pleasure to work with!  Our student clubs have also started working with Jeana for their swag and apparel needs and they all rave about their experience with her!”

 –Jason F., Director of Student Engagement

Phone: (315) 732-3725
Address: 587 Main Street, #3 Mill, Suite 203, New York Mills, NY 13417