Jerry Donovan

Jerry Donovan

Brand Consultant, Albany, New York

Name:  Jerry Donovan

Title: Brand Consultant

Job Description: Develop brand solutions in the financial and health care industries

Current Hometown:  Loudonville, NY

Family Details: Married with 3 grown children

Favorite Part About Working for Cooley: I enjoy working with clients from all different industries. No day is ever the same.

Favorite Cooley Story: My nickname is Jerry Gates

Your Proudest Professional Moment: Taking a small regional bank with little business and turning them into one of my major accounts

Your Proudest Personal Moment: The marriage to my wife and birth of our three children

Favorite Websites:

Favorite Hobbies: My daily work out and playing golf

Top TV Shows: Blue Bloods – Tom Selleck is one of my favorite actors

Top Movies: A Quiet Man- a classic old Irish John Wayne film

Top Music Acts: Eric Clapton, U2

Top Travel Destinations: Cape Cod – Nothing like a lazy day on the beach in late August

Top Sports Teams: New York Rangers hope new coach they just hired can turn them around

Top Brands: Johnnie O – love the comfort of all their apparel

Fun Fact(s) About Yourself: I am one of 11 children


Phone: (518) 690-7110
Address: PO Box 4897, Clifton Park, NY 12065