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Jill Liberman

Jill Liberman

Brand Consultant, Rochester, New York

Name: Jill Liberman

Title: Brand Consultant

Favorite Part About Working for Cooley: Every day is an adventure! Love making our clients’ brand vision come to life. My Cooley co-workers are fantastic too!

Your Proudest Professional Moment: Every time one of my clients (who are now my friends) tell me how much everyone loved their new apparel, promotional item, etc!

Favorite Hobbies: Watching my kids play sports, Medved Running Club, shopping online

Fun Fact(s) About Yourself: I worked as an intern at Disney World a long time ago; I did a Tough Mudder in 2018; I do not eat chicken and my friends and co-workers find this amusing and I’m a huge Howard Stern fan!

Phone: 800-475-4760
Address: 1000 Pittsford Victor Road, 2nd Floor Rochester, NY 14625