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Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter

Brand Consultant, Syracuse, NY

Name:  Kevin Hunter

Title:  Brand Consultant

Job Description: I work with clients to gain greater Brand Awareness for their products and services, by providing solutions that achieve measurable results.

Favorite Part About Working for Cooley:  Love the independence and flexibility that we have in operating our sales territory.

Your Proudest Professional Moment: Achieving $1 Million dollars in sales for the year.

Favorite Hobbies:  Exercise, walking buddy, restoring and repurposing furniture, anything beach related, lecturing my kids………with little success.

Fun Facts:

I used to have a full head of hair…..REALLY I DID!

Come from a family of 8 kids….4 Boys and 4 Girls

Selected to CNY All County Baseball Team in High School

I started listening to meditation tapes a few months ago and to my surprise, it works!

In retirement I plan to dedicate myself to counseling other bald men…..they need to know it’s not their fault!

 Phone: 800-367-6716
 Address: 6320 Fly Road, Suite 107, East Syracuse, NY 13057