Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter

Brand Consultant, Syracuse, NY

Name:  Kevin Hunter

Title:  Brand Consultant

Job Description: I work with clients to gain greater Brand Awareness for their products and services, by providing solutions that achieve measurable results.

Current Hometown:  East Syracuse, NY

Family Details: Wife: Allyson -Age: Are you kidding? Son: Matt, 21 and Daughter: Emily, 18

Favorite Part About Working for Cooley:  Love the independence and flexibility that we have in operating our sales territory.

Favorite Cooley Story: I had an interview for a sales position with Jim Bonaventura, the Executive Vice President of the Cooley Group back in 2003. We met for lunch and discussed the position available and all the details of the job. Jim, who is 6’ 4” and of Italian descent, described the Cooley culture as a family…. emphasizing the word “family” over and over again. Unknown to Jim, I had watched Marlon Brando in the Godfather movie the night before. As you know the Godfather also stressed the importance of family first and don’t cross the family. So as the theme song from the Godfather played in my head, Jim made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I joined the Cooley “family”. Best move I ever made!

Your Proudest Professional Moment: Achieving $1 Million dollars in sales for the year.

Your Proudest Personal Moment: Becoming a Dad.

Favorite Websites: Weather Channel, eBay, HGTV, and Cooley Brand

Favorite Hobbies:  Exercise, walking buddy, restoring and repurposing furniture, anything beach related, lecturing my kids………with little success.

Top TV Shows: Bill Maher, 30 for 30, Planet Earth, American Pickers

Top Movies:  Shawshank Redemption, Remember the Titans, The Help, Miracle on Ice, Gran Torino

Top Music Acts: Mark Knopfler, James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett, Shawn Colvin, Chris Botti

Top Travel Destinations: Rehoboth Beach, DE, Bermuda, Sanibel, FL, NYC

Top Sports Teams: ‘Cuse, NY Yankees, NY Giants, ESM Spartans

Top Brands: Nike, Wegmans, Dunkin Donuts, Home Dept, Cooley Group

Fun Fact(s) About Yourself:

I used to have a full head of hair…..REALLY I DID!

Come from a family of 8 kids….4 Boys and 4 Girls

Selected to CNY All County Baseball Team in High School

I started listening to meditation tapes a few months ago and to my surprise, it works!

In retirement I plan to dedicate myself to counseling other bald men…..they need to know it’s not their fault!


 Phone: 800-367-6716
 Address: 6320 Fly Road, Suite 107, East Syracuse, NY 13057