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Phil Yawman

Phil Yawman

President, Rochester, New York

Name: Phil Yawman

Title: President

Job Description: Set the culture, strategy, and mission of the company and align our financial and human resources to create a rewarding work environment for our colleagues and a great experience – every time for the clients we serve.

Your Proudest Professional Moment: Too hard to pick just one but generally helping a fellow colleague to achieve things they never have before fuels me everyday as a leader of people and an organization.

Favorite part about working for Cooley Group: The autonomy and flexibility to continuously learn and improve while creating and delivering unique client experiences that add value to their business.

Favorite Hobbies: Basketball, golf, music

Fun Fact: I’m a drummer in a classic rock band and my daughter is one of our singers.

 Phone: 800-475-4760
 Address: 1000 Pittsford Victor Road, 2nd Floor Rochester, NY 14625