Cooley can help you promote wellness and health awareness with your employees

All employers understand the benefits of a healthy workforce – fewer absences, fewer accidents, and, in some cases, lower healthcare premiums. What are you doing to promote health awareness among your employees? Do you simply hand out water bottles or pedometers to everyone and hoping that they get the idea? Or are you inviting your employees to become engaged in a healthier lifestyle by offering incentives for them to do so? Studies have proven that incentivizing healthy behavior increases it. So, instead of just handing out a company water bottle, why not consider putting a complete program together for your work force…with tangible prizes for accomplishment?

Such incentives can not only encourage healthy behavior, but could also foster a spirit of camaraderie as all employees reach for those goals.

Give your Cooley Brand Consultant a call and ask how they can help you set up a health and wellness program for your company.