Do you need Specialty Printing? Well ask yourself this… guess what the average attention span of a human is? 8 seconds! So in a fraction of the time that it would take to deliver your 60-second elevator speech, a consumer would already be distracted by something else.

Think about all the ways in which today’s consumer gets advertising messages: email, telephone, radio, TV, print advertising, direct mail, social posts, mobile and text messages, websites, banner ads, digital pop-ups, video ads, and in-store advertising.

While this suggests it may be a Sisyphean task to make a meaningful impression on consumers, you shouldn’t give up. There’s a creative way to have your message stand out if you think outside the box.

We suggest you face the challenge of how to engage consumers by creating unique and highly visual materials. This is a succinct definition of a very powerful graphics solution known as Specialty Printing.

You see examples of Specialty Printing all around you. They are typically dimensional or flexible graphics that make an unforgettable statement because they’re memorable. Excellent specialty graphics catch consumers’ eyes.

The following are some examples of Specialty Printing:

Floor or Counter Samples – packaging displays that sit exclusively on a retailer’s countertop or on the floor of a retail store.

Retail and Floor Displays – 2- or 3-dimensional pop-up, backdrop, contour-fit, and banner displays in a multitude of substrates. Perfect for retail stores as well as for trade shows and other events.

Special Packaging – boxes and other dimensional display products for promotional items. You can order custom-designed packages for upcoming trade shows.

Building and Vehicle Wraps – picture wrapping a building for a major promotion (sale, holiday special, athletic event, grand opening). Certainly not easy to miss! Vehicle wraps are similar processes (but smaller!) and perfect for outfitting one vehicle – or a fleet of your firm’s cars or trucks.

Video Presentation Folders – embed your own video in customized presentation folders that you can mail to customers and prospects. More effective and memorable than sending video links in emails, they’re 100% shareable.

Have these ideas sparked your imagination?

Cooley provides totally customized solutions for specialty projects, and many are also available as stock items.

With Specialty Printing, you can create sheer uniqueness that will capture the consumer’s eye. Put Cooley’s design expertise to work for you with Specialty Printing, where there are no limits to what we can create.