Bring Your Corporate Identity to the Forefront in Creative Ways

Every piece of communication from your company is a reflection of your brand’s culture. Your website’s design and content, corporate brochures and sales letters, event materials and giveaways, PowerPoint presentations shown to prospects, and signs and banners bearing your name are all an extension of your brand. They need tending to.

Who’s minding your image as it travels through all channels – print, digital, and social – and exploring new opportunities for you to make an impact? Who’s in a position to see all your marketing efforts as they come through individual units?

When you work with a print solutions partner like the Cooley Group, you align your business with a company that shares your belief in the importance of a brand. We’ll help you take advantage of every opportunity to establish continuity throughout your entire marketing program. Think of it as added image protection from an image expert.

Outside of the standard printed materials that bear your corporate ID, there are many more inspired ways to deliver your image to a broader audience. Here are a few:

  • Hold contests. If you have a local customer base, stage a live contest. Promote it with a combination of direct mail, electronic and social messaging. Give away something fabulous. Your corporate image travels along this whole contest pipeline, expanding your visibility.
  • Sponsor something that’s meaningful to your company, your employees or your audience. Find creative applications for your table or booth, like floor graphics, chocolates wrapped in customized packaging or wearable items that extend your image after an event.
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships. Partner with a firm that also serves your market. Brandscaping author Andrew Davis suggests reading publications your audience reads. Who’s advertising there? Explore partnership opportunities with one of them.
  • Get involved in the community. Are there local causes or activities that align with your company values? As a proud supporter, you could give away games, food/drink items, apparel, bags & badges, and other materials sporting your ID. (Your name, of course, will be associated in print with such an event as well.)

Look for new ways to strengthen your image. There’s a terrific Entrepreneur post by John Williams, called “The Basics of Branding.” He describes the fullness of what your brand should aspire to. It’s communicated by your logo, not defined by it. “Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.”

Let Cooley help you identify additional opportunities to help reinforce your corporate ID. Our vigilance on your behalf will keep your brand consistent and introduce new channels so you can attract a broader audience.