Employee Incentives can be shown through Recognition, Appreciation and Engagement

The employer-employee relationship is a delicate one that involves wooing on both sides. Employees want to impress the boss, but employers need to keep their workers energized and interested in their daily responsibilities. Finding the right way to express “Good Job!” can be difficult, especially in tight economic times. With your help, employers can get creative with their budgets and find new ways to appreciate their workers.

Here are the Top Five Reasons to Recognize an Employee:

  • Length of service
  • Above and beyond performance
  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Retirement
  • Sales performance

Everyone likes to see their name on an award (as long as it is spelled correctly). However, adding an engraving adds serious value to a gift. Personalization is everything; it is the most important element to an award. In terms of design, adding a name to an award creates a focal point. The recipient knows that the award was meant for them personally, and this gives the recipient a greater emotional connection with the award and/or recognition event.

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