Our client is The Abraham House. The AH cares for the terminally ill providing 24-hour care for their guests. They have never charged for their services.

Our objective was to create a fundraiser. It ended up being AH’s largest fundraiser (by far) This year they should realize over $250,000 in donations from the sale of the games

Cooley Group developed an idea to create the 1st Edition City of Utica Monopoly game. Reaching out to community leaders and business owners to pay for all properties on the game which provided the funds to manufacture the first 5,000 games. Those games were then donated to the Abraham House to be sold as their fundraising initiative. The first 5,000 games were gone within one month.

Our services included design work, gathering artwork and write-ups on all properties. Executing all necessary contracts and waivers. Gathering all proof approvals from each property owner. Creating all collateral within the game to be totally custom to the City of Utica. Working with Hasbro to meet all deadlines and adhere to all brand requirements. This was not an easy project, to say the least.

The process took four dedicated months working with AH and City officials to obtain certain permissions including photos, artwork and community landmarks to be included within the game.

Client Testimonials are non-stop not only from The Abraham House but also every business on the board. This turned into a civic pride piece and honestly, the fundraising took a backseat in most cases. We truly created a piece of history.

“The customer relationship that Cooley builds and their attention to detail are second to none. Jeana Nicotera goes above and beyond to offer unique branding solutions and ideas. Her follow through from inception to completion makes doing business with Cooley seamless.” -Gina Ciaccia, Executive Director at the Abraham House