Par Technology Corporation is an industry leader in systems and services for the hospitality industry, with technology solutions for restaurants, retail establishments, entertainment venues, and cruise ships. ParTech’s ultimate goal is to help its customers optimize the guest experience.


For this project, the client team had a very specific goal – to find a unique way to engage prospective customers about their Sure Check digital solution, an entirely new product for meeting FDA regulated standards. They came to Cooley to find a branded item that would share their target message and complement their digital solutions.


Knowing there were specific contacts within select target groups of high-level decision makers, Cooley recommended a branded Videometry Video Brochure to engage prospective clients.

The video brochure is a 7-inch HD LCD screen that helps tell the client story. It truly captivates an audience. The video would be created with unique target messaging, a compelling client testimonial, and sent as a direct mail campaign to a target audience of 40 Top Prospect clients.

The Video Brochure solution was a perfect fit, as it could be used as a direct mail piece going to the US and Canada contact list. Since ParTech is an industry leader in the technology market, it was important to align the branded direct mail piece with such a unique and innovative component. The soft touch cover material provided an additional element that invited recipients to want to open and explore further.

Cooley Group shared samples with the client to test the product themselves for functionality and visual appearance. The teams discussed the video file formats required and video elements, as well as the logo format needed for the branded front metal panel of the brochure. Cooley provided 3 virtual mock-ups for the front branded cover and finalized this detail, while the final video work was completed.


Once the video was complete, the Cooley team uploaded the file and shipped the product within 3 working days of final art approval. The initial mailing has been completed and the team is now actively tracking Engagements and ROI to measure progress.


[ Client Testimonial ]

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help on the last project – the piece came out AMAZING! We were extremely happy with the end product, so much in fact that we would actually like to start the process of doing the same thing but with our POS Software now!
– John M. Latini, Marketing Specialist