Trends matter when considering your brands marketing

When considering promotional items and branded apparel TRENDS MATTER! Whether it’s a color, pattern, material or an innovative function, product trends represent something new – and nothing captures our attention like something new. Using the same data and forecasts retailers use to project what’s next, we’re the first to bring you products that reflect this year’s biggest trends.

Be your Own Billboard

Branded apparel definitely drives engagements and creates inquires. For Cooley, wearing clothing displaying our company’s logo can activate a dialog that might not otherwise occur. Our consultants are always looking for a way to start a conversation. When others see their shirt or cap, they often ask, “What is Cooley Group?” or, “Where did you get that cool shirt?” There’s no doubt that a carefully designed message can serve to attract others and help start conversations.

Recognizing Employees at Saratoga Bridges

Longtime client, Saratoga Bridges came to us seeking a sourcing a functional, attractive and reasonably priced gift to be given out at their annual Employee Recognition Celebration. Saratoga Bridges is a non-profit organization in Saratoga County which serves individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Their philosophy is Every Day is Full of Possibilities! The theme for the event and the gift was “One Person Can Make a Difference…Thanks for Making a Difference Every Day”.

Mobile Media Marketing

The hottest trend in Social Media offerings is Mobile Marketing. This option allows you to cultivate your customer’s mobile phone numbers and use that method to send targeted information, specials, coupon codes, etc. to that segment of your customer base via text messages.