Klein Steel Service has been in business for 47 years and is a specialty steel company with locations across NY State. Recent changes to their organization have led to a new president with fresh ideas and visions. They reached out to us to discuss how Cooley could help them achieve their goals and visions for sales team giveaways as well as an apparel program for both the employees and corporate use.


We met with the HR Director as well as the President of the company to better clarify their vision for this project. Once the goals were clear we set out to work on providing samples and ideas for their sales team giveaways as well as apparel samples so that they could decide on the types of corporate wear they wanted. The corporate wear was broken into two categories. Category one was the pieces the company would purchase directly for their corporate team. Category two were the pieces they would allow their employees to purchase for wearing at work or for leisure. For the employee program, Cooley developed a very easy to use order sheet which outlined the items, colors, sizes and included a picture of what the apparel and promo items would look like.


The Cooley team worked closely with the HR director to build a program that was very customer friendly and easy to use. As an example, the client wanted to pay for the corporate purchases on one invoice thus allowing their A/P team to process one bill vs. several. Mission accomplished as we invoiced the client on one bill and broke down the details of their purchase within it for ease of processing.
On the employee side, we not only created an easy to use order form for the employees but we bagged and tagged their individual orders and boxed them by business location. This allowed the client to just send the boxes to each business unit and just open them up and give them out. We included a copy of the employee order form within each bagged package so that the distribution process to the employees was very simple and easy.


We worked very closely with the HR Director and Klein Steel President initially to ensure their vision was met. Once the project started our main contact was the HR Director and we keep her updated throughout the process so that she knew the exact timing of it and when things would be completed and delivered. Cooley handled all the little details as well such as creating the order form, setting up the billing so it was customer friendly, and handling distribution and delivery of all the goods. The individual bag and tag part of the project saved the client hours of sorting the goods and distributing them. Sew outs were provided to the client for review and approval prior to decorating all the items. This insured a professional, consistent look for all their garments and hats.

“Their consultation was perfect and then they orchestrated our order in a seamless way”.
From: Lori Crimmins, Human Resources Director, Klein Steel