Be the Billboard – Advertising with Logo Branded Apparel

By choosing to wear a company’s name, logo or message, you are proudly standing with that brand and what it represents. You act as a walking billboard. In fact, the choice to wear that shirt, cap, jacket or even a button can have a far greater impact than any actual words.

Branded apparel definitely drives engagements and creates inquires. For Cooley, wearing clothing displaying our company’s logo can activate a dialog that might not otherwise occur. Our consultants are always looking for a way to start a conversation. When others see their shirt or cap, they often ask, “What is the Cooley Group?” or, “Where did you get that cool shirt?” There’s no doubt that a carefully designed message can serve to attract others and help start conversations.

The attraction of wearing something that “advertises” a brand also speaks to one of the big problems direct sellers face—rejection. Starting a conversation out of the blue can be a difficult skill for a newcomer to master. But when someone is asking about your T-shirt or button, they are making the first move, and are much more likely to be receptive to your message. They may even tell you of someone else that they think might be interested, thus generating another powerful form of word-of-mouth advertising—a personal referral.

The Brand Consultants at Cooley Group are uniquely qualified to help you to create business opportunities by helping you to define your company’s brand, build your image, and transfer that to a line of branded apparel for your employees and even your customers.