When you hear “branded apparel,” what comes to mind? Baseball caps embroidered on the crown? Collared shirts embroidered on the front left chest? T-shirts screen printed across the front?

Everybody has these same mental images, so we invite you to step outside your comfort zone and shake things up. This may be the summer of your extreme corporate makeover.

Did we pique your interest?

Good! Now, picture the heads you’ll turn by wearing branded apparel that features unusual decorative techniques…in unexpected locations. We can show you some amazing processes for wearables that will help your company create a fresh, new image, whether you produce items for employees or for customers.

There are lots of interesting options for branded wearables. Why not make your mark on items like fitness and active lifestyle products? Consider workout gear, gloves, scarves, sweats, and gym bags branded with your logo.

Here are just a few of the more unusual decorating options we provide:

Stain Imaging is an eco-friendly, all-over-imaging technique that’s ideal for making your T-shirts memorable. An entire shirt can be dyed, front to back and all around. It’s perfect for custom graphics.

Collar Printing is great way to have your garments stand out. Typically, a logo is laser printed onto the inside collar of a shirt or jacket for a unique look that lasts.

Full Arm Printing involves creating an image for the full or ¾ length of the arm of a shirt using a screen process. It ensures high visibility in an unexpected location.

HxD is one of the newer and most unconventional techniques available today. It’s a dimensional decorative technique combining embroidery with a transfer process. What you get is a bold and elegant image that pops dramatically from the garment’s surface and is highly durable.

Custom Branded Labels are available if you want to have custom labels sewn into each garment. It’s even an option for large runs, where the “Hanes” or “Gildan” tag, for example, is replaced with your own. How cool is that?

Step and Repeat Patterns involve reproducing a pattern like your logo over and over again on an umbrella (available in any solid Pantone color), or on cycling jerseys that are poly/poly blend.

There’s an incredible array of decorative options and fabrics to choose from, and your logo or other custom graphic can be applied in uncommon and fun locations on your garments.

Isn’t it time to try unique decorating options, instead of everyday embroidery or “not-so-special” screen printing? The results may be surprising!