PPC is the market leader for the “last mile” of a broadband network, offering solutions for coax, fiber, and category cable around the world. The company is proud of its worldwide reputation for innovative product solutions and world-class service.

PPC’s focus on the last mile often means its technicians often find themselves performing installations at apartment blocks, multi-story office buildings, and other “public” locations. These environments present a variety of challenges, including the need for a professional-looking team supported by quality gear, apparel, and transport.


For this particular project, the client team needed to come up with some type of bag for their technicians to use during installations. Previously, when the technicians would go into a business, they would bring boxed spools of cable product to complete the job.

The process created a lot of waste since the cable spools come in cardboard boxes that the PPC crew has to dispose of it. Additionally (depending on the work environment), these boxes often resulted in a messy appearance when they got wet or dirty.


The Cooley team started with a working meeting with the Procurement Department to learn what was most important for this totally custom tool bag.

First of all, the size of the bag had to house the cable, which they determined could now come on a plastic spool, so they could omit the cardboard waste. Plastic top & bottom spool components were incorporated to keep the cable secure and free to unwind. These were built into the top & bottom of the bag, and the Cooley Group manufactured 4 special loops to hold the spool parts in place so there would not be any breakage. Next, they added a special pocket to house an iPad, as most technicians used an iPad for the installs. They included a Velcro closure pocket to house all of their necessary installation tools in one place. Two stretch loops were attached to the side of the bag, which the technicians could thread the cable through to keep it neatly organized and minimize tangles while on the job site.

Four rubberized feet were built into the bottom, elevating it off the floor and helping to keep the bag clean and durable. The adjustable shoulder strap featured a soft, foam padding to assist in ergonomic concerns for technicians carrying these bags in and out of installations.

Finally, the bags were decorated with the client’s branding to create a professional, recognizable appearance.


Cooley manufactured these professional technician tool bags within 12-14 weeks, in quantities based on client forecasted usage.

They easily achieved their primary objective – to minimize waste of cardboard cable boxes. A pleasant side benefit included reduced warehouse space for palletized cartons of cable since the cable was now able to be delivered on pallets, omitting the cardboard altogether.

Job sites are now clean and professional, with the cable & all tools encompassed in one unique bag. The application of appropriate logos help to reinforce the company brand and particular cable product line. It was a big win all around.